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"Elite Care at Home always managed to get the right balance of professionalism and friendship in the care they provided"
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It is vitally important to us that we provide excellent, friendly service to our clients and their friends and families - and that our own staff feel happy and supported in their roles.

We are very proud to be able to share some of the positive comments our clients and staff make about Elite Care at Home.

Rosemary Rattray, Client

Rosemary Rattray, Client

“When my mother was diagnosed with terminal metastatic brain cancer, we applied to the council for help with the care that she was going to need.

“Although she was entitled to some funded care, the council didn’t have the resources to provide all of this themselves, so instead they employed Elite Care at Home to fill the gap. I am very grateful for this good turn of fortune, because the difference it made to her final days was immense.

“The council care workers, although they are very caring people and do a good job, are very task-driven – they need to get the job done as quickly as possible. With Elite Care at Home, we knew that the carers would spend the full allotted time with my mother and were happy to undertake any extra tasks they had time for – housework, walking the dog, or just having a chat. It was these little things that made a real difference.

“The council paid for an hour morning and tea-time and half an hour at lunch time, which my mother topped up with another half hour paid from her own funds.

“As my mother’s condition deteriorated, I was impressed by how flexible Elite Care at Home was in responding to her changing needs. The situation might change week by week or even day by day, but I always knew that I only had to make a phone call and I could rest assured that she’d get the extra care she needed.

“The care she received from the staff at Elite Care at Home was second to none. My mother was a very independent and proud woman who valued her privacy. At first I had worried how she would cope with strangers coming into her home.

“When I asked her how she was getting on, she told me that after a couple of days getting used to it, she now really looked forward to the carers arriving. When my mother was first diagnosed with a terminal condition, she was adamant that she wanted to die at home. I am very grateful that she was able to spend her final days at home with the care and support she deserved, thanks to the wonderful care from the Elite Care carers.

“Elite Care at Home always managed to get the right balance of professionalism and friendship in the care they provided. It was always there on the terms my mother wanted rather than being forced upon her, and I know that she was happier and more comfortable as a result.”