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Exciting NEW Partnership

Specialist Legal Advice for Clients of Elite Care (Scotland) Ltd

Thorntons Solicitors are trusted by clients across Tayside and North East Fife to help sort out and manage their legal and financial affairs.  Whatever your situation, Thorntons has the expertise and experience to help and guide you through.  

 In particular, many issues arise as we get older.  Will we have all the support we need?  Will our family, if we have one, know what we want to happen to our possessions?  Where will we be living? 


Exciting NEW Partnership

Thorntons are particularly experienced in dealing with the legal and financial affairs of older people and they have put in place a special team to deal with clients of Elite Care.  Any Elite Care client who requires legal advice can contact Thorntons to discuss their particular circumstances.   The people at Thorntons are on hand to provide a swift and straightforward service for matters such as making or updating a Will, preparing a Power of Attorney or any other legal or financial advice you may need.  

With the right amount of forethought and planning, Thorntons can help you to ensure that you, and your dependants, are provided for and protected.   They have been helping people sort out their personal and financial affairs for generations, giving them comfort in the knowledge that everything will be well planned.    

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Exciting NEW Partnership