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Gender Pay Report

Gender pay gap report 2018

Under government legislation, employers in the UK with 250 or more employees are required to report gender pay gap information every year. The data identifies the difference between women’s and men’s average weekly earnings, shown as a percentage of men’s earnings. It allows us to measure women’s overall position compared to men but does not compare like for like roles. It is therefore distinct from equal pay, which compares men and women carrying out equivalent work.

Our report illustrates the difference between male and female earnings on 5 April 2018.

The care sector is dominated by women and Elite’s workforce reflects this being made up of 96% women and 4% men. Our mean pay gap is 10.4%, which means on average men are paid more than women. The median pay gap of 1% means that men are paid more when you line up all hourly pay in order from lowest to highest and pick out the middle earnings.

We have a mean bonus pay gap of -50.9% and median bonus pay gap of 36.6%. This means that women were paid more bonus pay on average than their male counterparts, however men were paid more bonus when you line up all bonus payments in order from lowest to highest and pick out the middle earnings.

Bonus pay is predominately paid to roles held by women as well as paid in the form of recognition through schemes such as member and employee of the month.

We are fully committed to the principles of equal opportunities and to being an inclusive and diverse organisation with a long term commitment to gender balance.

Please click here to view the gender pay gap report for Elite Care.

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